Think global, think diverse.

We are Humanitas/Cornerstone International Group (CIG), an international search and leadership advisory network with: 

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New technologies and economic, political and societal changes bring new challenges to organizations. Talent becomes a key tool to create value in an ever-changing stage.

Alejandra Aranda

Founding partner
Humanitas / Cornerstone International Group

Chair Latam Cornerstone International Group

Council member of The AESC (The Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants)

“To work well, you need the right tools and the correct methodology“.

Simon Wan

Cornerstone International Group

Diversity and inclusion as global conscience


International Network

We are part of the CIG (Cornerstone International Group) network, one of the world’s most important execsearch and leadership advisory global networks.

We are members of the AESC, an international organization whose members are committed to the strictest quality standards and best practices in execsearch and LA. 

Less risk, more opportunities

The right person maximizes the chances of success and streamlines value contribution. We use highly sophisticated tools to analyze applicants’ experience, career path, potential and skills to detect the talent that best fits the organization.

Access to the best talent

The best talent is not necessarily on the market. We know how to find not just the best, but the right people, thanks to a multidisciplinary approach. We have a methodology that allows us to detect applicants by looking beyond what meets the eye.

We know the skills of tomorrow

The technology revolution and the emergence of AI are causing deep changes in the job market. According to the WEF, the most valued skills in the next few years will be creativity and emotional intelligence. 

We know the business

We advise large and mid-sized organizations in their transformation processes based on in-depth knowledge of their culture, processes and challenges.

Our experience is the base of success