Consultants in Chile and around the world with over 20 years of experience in strategic consulting and searching for board members and C-Suite executives.

Managing Partner


Co-founder and Partner


Ornella Bono

Co-founder and Partner

Ornella Bono is the co-founder of Humanitas/ Cornerstone International Group and has been a partner since 2002.

She has a broad experience in CEO´s and C-Suite searches for industrial sectors, such as construction and real-estate, among others. In the public sector, she oversees civil service processes (Top Public Management) and other public companies.

Her other areas of expertise includes compensation studies, board advisory and leadership advisory for companies and boards. She has also expertise on environmental issues.

Before founding Humanitas/CIG, she worked for SQM as a member of the development and finance department, where she participated in investment projects and in the emission of ADRs of the Finance Department. Before that, she performed as a Consultant for Seminarium Head Hunting, working in the executive selection, studies and compensation departments.

She holds an industrial civil engineering degree from the Catholic University of Chile.

Areas: Executive Search/ Assessment/

Aranda ✝︎

Co-founder Humanitas


Alejandra Aranda ✝︎

Co-founder Humanitas

Alejandra Aranda is the co-founder of Humanitas/ Cornerstone International Group (CIG) and has been Chairman since 2002.

She has a wide-ranging expertise in board advisory and searching for independent board members, CEO’s and top-tier executives for corporate trade associations, national economic groups, foreign investors and investment funds in and outside of Chile.  

Alejandra has worked in sectors that are key to local and regional economies, such as retail, real-estate, construction, banking, energy, mining and services, among others.

She has also worked actively in the implementation of best corporate practices on boards, participating in the development and discussion of public policies on issues such as proper functioning of Corporate Governance, diversity and gender equality.

Alejandra has been a member of nomination committees for important public and private entities. She is currently the Director of SEP (Public Companies System), an organization in charge of appointing board members of public companies and controlling their strategic management to maximize their economic value. 

In addition, she is Chair for Latin America of Cornerstone International Group, a firm that brings together high level executive search and leadership consultancy firms around the globe. Also member of the Nominations comittee of The AESC (Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants), an organization that gathers the world’s main headhunters based on high ethical and quality standards. 

She is a founding member of Women Corporate Directors Chile, (an organization that brings together female board members from across the globe, and was also Director and Chairman of the Nomination and Human Capital Committee at Amcham. 

Alejandra has experience in the finance sector  where she oversaw services and foreign currency arbitration in Banco de Chile. After her tenure at the bank, she joined the Project Management department at Marketing Mix, a marketing and strategic planning consulting firm for national and multinational companies. Between 1994 and 2002, she was a Consultant for the C-Suite executives recruiting area at Seminarium Head Hunting. She founded Humanitas Executive Search/Cornerstone International Group in 2002.

She holds a business engineering degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and also holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA) from the University of Texas, Austin, USA.

Areas: Board Advisory, CEO Search & Succession, Leadership Solutions

De Solminihac

Associate Director of Humanitas /Cornerstone International Group


Javiera de Solminihac

Associate Director of Humanitas /Cornerstone International Group

Javiera de Solminihac is the Associate Director of Humanitas/Cornerstone International Group, joining the company in 2014.

She has an extensive experience in costumer relations and manages advanced strategies in market research. She also develops complete profile descriptions, conducts individual interviews, assessments and reports. Her trademark is based on identifying and developing project proposals characterized by a solid strategic and assertive advice to the needs of each client.

She is also in charge of constantly updating our software data base associated to customers, candidates and processes.

She proactively participates in issues related to innovation, digital transformation and new technologies.

She holds an Agricultural Engineer in Economics degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile 

María Olga

Partner of the Coaching area


María Olga Zalazar

Partner of the Coaching area

She is partner and Executive Director of ZE Consultores & Asociados and also a DBM Inc. certified Master Trainer in Organizational Change and Executive Coaching, validated by the ICF.

She is an International Instructor (Peru- Mexico – Brazil –Colombia – Argentina) on issues linked to Teamwork, Leadership and Change Management.

She holds a psychology degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and a Master’s in Family Therapy and Human Systems.


Strategic Consultant


Rodolfo Ham

Strategic Consultant

Rodolfo performs as a corporate board member and competitive strategy consultant. He has been responsible of the design, management and execution of strategy and innovation in the business model.

He has also participated in more than ninety strategic development projects in local and foreign companies.

Chairman of the board at Redtec S.A (pallets management and rental) and Gallyas Telecom S.A.

CEO at CIC S.A and  Laboratorio Chile S.A.; Partner at Seminarium and Commercial Manager at Eléctrica del Rio Maipo Company (Enersis S.A).

Board member at Albin Trotter S.A., Laboratorios Syncro (Argentina), Newpharm S.A.(Perú),  Farmasalud S.A. and ENAMI.

Rodolfo also performed as manager and Investment Commitee member of Marín Private Fund (Fondo ADMINISTRADO POR CELFIN CAPITAL) AND Ariston Cima Private Fund.

Board consultant at Salfa S.A.

Industrial Engineer Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Master of Science in Economic Engineer at Stanford, California. 


Partner in DigitalTalents


Cecilia Mackenna

Partner in DigitalTalents

Cecilia has long-standing track record in Human Resources management in the digital and technology sector.

She has headed-up several recruitment and selection hiring processes for different organizational levels.

She performed as HR Manager at, where she developed an effective Human Resources area team and strategy from its from the very beginning, leading a number of different processes, from administration to organizational development, leading a number of different processes, such as administration, hiring process and organizational development. She achieve these company goals both in Chile and Brazil, focusing on Technology, Products, Operations, Performance Marketing, and Design / UX. 

In addition, she also has expertise in advisory for decision-making associated to talent management, organizational structure, communication, compensation, career development and diagnosing organizational culture and climate.

She holds an Organizational Psychology degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (2002 – 2007).


Partner in DigitalTalents


Mariana Larraín

Partner in DigitalTalents

She has experience in financing and developing new businesses, especially in the technology sector.

She was the co-founder and finance manager of, in charge of the Series B fundraising, worth US$16 million, for the international expansion of the company. In 2016, she was chosen as one of the 100 Women Leaders by El Mercurio and “Mujeres Empresarias”.

Over the years she has gained a diverse and multidisciplinary experience, such as planning and development of new business opportunities, analytical skills, entrepreneurship and strategic marketing, among others.

Mariana holds a Business Engineering degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

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